Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dan Crawford — Social security cuts offered...why? Irresistible to Obama

There is no crisis with Social Security. Social Security is not going broke. Social Security adds NOTHING to the deficit. Social Security is not welfare. 
Update: Pelosi says she can live with it
Angry Bear
Social security cuts offered...why? Irresistible to Obama.
Dan Crawford

The simple answer is that President Obama is channeling Reagan, just as President Clinton did with his welfare reform "that only a Democrat can do." President Obama wants his legacy to read that he got universal health care passed (by giving it to private insurance companies), just like President Bush got Medicare D passed by giving it to Big Pharma. Now he want to be remembered in his second term as the president that "reformed entitlements."

I said when Obama was running for the nomination against HRC that he was a "snake in the grass." Turned out to be correct.

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Apologies if this has already been posted, worth watching again though.

FDR: "Let me warn you..." (1936)