Monday, December 10, 2012

EU, euro, win Nobel Peace Prize!

This takes the cake. I thought it was bad when the Nobel committee gave the prize to Yasser Arafat, a self-declared terrorist, but now giving it to the EU? The euro? Seriously?

How much misery has the EU and its conventions thrust upon millions and millions with its insane austerity? What is the Nobel Committee's definition of "peace," anyway?

The whole world has gone mad!

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googleheim said...


The reason they do this is to comfort themselves and self congratulate.

However we know that :

a. "Multiculturalism is a failed experiment" as per Merkle - but this only incited the murders in Norway.

b. The Northern banks printed 600 Billion Euros in 2009 but left the southern countries grappling. No MMT if you are mediterrean.

c. EU Does a LOT of business with Iran.

d. EU is draining liquidity out of system as well as not adding any on purpose of preventing war against Iran, but is exasperating problems in the arab spring which is a drought