Thursday, December 13, 2012

GOP Bill Would Let Companies Foreclose On Your House For Credit Card Debt

commentary by Roger Erickson (hat tip to @ImplodeOMeter)

GOP Efforts To Allow House Foreclosure & Debtors Prisons For Credit Card Debt

Not satisfied with shooting their nation in the foot, these idiots are now setting their sights on their own electorate's kneecaps!

Where are they gonna go if it works?

Leeches must be eternally optimistic, or dumb. They just assume that there will always be another host to suck dry? Even an unschooled cracker who's never been off the farm knows that contented cows give more milk. I don't get it. Are they really that ignorant? Please don't say they're a product of our vaunted school system!


Adam1 said...

"Let them eat cake" as they once said... opps that strategy didn't work so well either.

Tom Hickey said...

I think they must be testing Marx's revolutionary theory.