Saturday, December 8, 2012

Michel Bauwens — Networked Democracy

“Democracy in network is first and foremost a mindset”, an article republished from @bernardosampa.
Bernardo Gutierrez:
“The political structures must change. But the replacement will emerge as people act and communicate in the present, not talking about the future.” The phrase is from the book Open Source Democracy, from Douglas Rushkoff, published in 2003.
The global crisis has not only confirmed some Rushkoff intuitions or diagnoses on the expires of representative democracy. However, policy alternatives are less clear. Some speak of the mechanisms of direct democracy (popular initiatives, referendums…). Others insist on the path of participatory democracy. Liquid Democracy, based on delegates, not representatives, applied internally by the German Pirate Party, also getting higher. However, there is another concept that is gaining strength among groups, networks and thinkers: networked democracy....
P2P Foundation
Networked Democracy as a Mindset: Brazil’s Rio del Sul shows the way
by Michel Bauwens

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