Saturday, December 8, 2012

Must see TV!

I know this has been posted on the blog in the past, but I just had to do it again. It's so good!

Like Greenspan explains, it's not about the money. The gov't makes the money. There's always enough money to pay. It's about, do we have the real "stuff" (i.e. hospitals, food, medicine, doctors, nurses, housing, etc) to take care of seniors? And the answer is yes. And if we don't, then employ people NOW to create that stuff and pay them to do it. Did we have the "stuff" to fight WWII when we were attacked by the Japanese on Dec 7, 1941? Did we have teh money?? Well, we neither had the stuff nor the money, so we printed the money and built the stuff and succeeded spectacularly!

Ryan, the clueless little boy ideologue who read one book in his life, "Atlas Shrugged," by sociopath Ayn Rand. Listen to Greenspan school him, but it goes right over the little boy's head.


katie said...

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