Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Randy Wray — A Meme for Money, Part 3: Framing the Alternative Approach

In Part 2 we looked at the mainstream framing of discussion about money and about the economy and society more generally. Following Lakoff, my argument is that framing is important and that so far orthodoxy is winning all of the important policy debates because it has the better framing. Policy is always and everywhere a moral issue—not merely an economic issue and certainly not a technical issue. To win policy debates, we must—like orthodoxy—engage the moral issues. We can take the higher moral ground.
New Economic Perspectives
A Meme for Money, Part 3: Framing the Alternative Approach
L. Randall Wray | Professor of Economics, UMKC

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Matt Franko said...

These are some "memes" I see from Wray's article here (not criticizing):

"moral issue"

"progressive meme for money"

" ancient practice of Wergild" (pagan)

"tribal society"

"paying fines"

"blood feuds"


"wronged party"


"perp becomes debtor"

"globules of desire"

"pig for this"

"bride price for losing a female"

"paying of fines"

"money thing"

"tax settlement"

"pursue war and conquest"

"origins and evolution"

"capitalist state"


"state moneys"

"money is the tie that binds"

"i strike you, you strike me"

"tainted relationship"

"Robinson Crusoe"

"seashells as money"

"threat of bankruptcy"

"bugoisie class"

"command economy"

"organized prostitution and drug ring"

"sex for coke"

"cross border trade in sex and drugs"

"drug cartels"

"taxes drive money"

"death and taxes unavoidable"

Does anyone think that these 'memes' will actually work?