Friday, December 7, 2012

Robert Sheer — A Sign That Obama Will Repeat Economic Mistakes

Please don’t tell me that these reports in the business press touting Sallie Krawcheck as a front-runner for chairman of the SEC or even a possible candidate to be the next Treasury secretary are true. Who is she? Oh, just another former Citigroup CFO, and therefore a prime participant in the great banking hustle that has savaged the world’s economy. Krawcheck was paid $11 million in 2005 while her bank contributed to the toxic mortgage crisis that would cost millions their jobs and homes. 
Not that you would know that sordid history from reading the recent glowing references to Krawcheck in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg News that stress her pioneering role as a leading female banker—a working mother no less—but manage to avoid her role in a bank that led the way in destroying the lives of so many women, men and their children. Nor did her financial finagling end with Citigroup, as Krawcheck added a troubling stint in the leadership at Merrill Lynch and Bank of America to her résumé.
A Sign That Obama Will Repeat Economic Mistakes
Robert Sheer

Not another Rubinite. Please.


Daniel Jones said...

of course he's going to continue the same economic mistakes. hes a central planning economic interventionist. the government cant manage an economy or its currency with any success, someone should let him know.

Dan Kervick said...

hes a central planning economic interventionist.

If only!!!

Dan Kervick said...

I have this dread that both the Obama administration and Congressional Republicans are economic buffoons. They are peewees making all of the wrong decisions about an economy none of them seem to understand.

Tom Hickey said...

It's even worse. They are making economic decisions based on political reasons, like rewarding the donors and trucking to big business and big finance.

Tom Hickey said...

"trucking" should be "truckling."