Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The End of "eekognomics" as We Know It?*

commentary by Roger Erickson

"we, the undersigned economists, urge Congress to carefully consider the relative merits of tax increases and spending restraint"

Fiscal Cliff Tax Hikes Risk Economic Damage. An open letter to Congress: December 11, 2012

Never have so many, deluded so many, for the benefit of so few?  [There they go, right off the cliff.]

We should get the CDC to check all economics classrooms, for a social-virus spread by lemmings?

The pathological Hanta virus is bad enough, but this sociopathical PhantomClause virus is even more insidious.

*eekognomics: the output of small-minded lemmings

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netbacker said...

They make their intentions very clear from the get go:
"Congress should avoid raising marginal tax rates on income and taxes on investment, such as capital gains and dividends taxes."