Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mohamed El-Erian — How the platinum coin could work (or backfire)

Here's how the head of PIMCO sees TPC. (Does occupying that position qualify him as one of the chief bond vigilantes?) Anyway, he views the debt ceiling itself and TPC as indicative of a dysfunctional political system with potentially damaging economic implications in terms of confidence and expectations.

CNN Money | Term Sheet
How the platinum coin could work (or backfire)
Mohamed El-Erian


Matt Franko said...

Congress: Save the bond market!!!!

Clonal said...

If he has read the John Lounsbury piece, he would be terrified of the TPC

PeterP said...

Not sure if the byline was added by CNN Money or it is from Erian but if he wrote "coin might shock politicians into cleaning up the fiscal mess" is sadly very confused, no match for McCulley he replaced. There is no fiscal mess to clean, deficits should be bigger until unemployment drops.

Tom Hickey said...

I guess El-Erian hasn't read MeCulley's recent stuff and has lost his phone number.