Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bitcoin appreciation goes exponential

Zero Hedge

Bitcoin Passes $200
Submitted by Tyler Durden


Anonymous said...

Thought this was a good read on Bitcoin - "The Great Bitcoin Bubble"
on Robert Nielsen's blog: http://robertnielsen21.wordpress.com/2013/04/08/the-great-bitcoin-bubble/

The Rombach Report said...

Maybe if the market gets big enough, sovereign CDS will be denominated and settled in Bitcoin?

Anonymous said...

We all know what happens to exponential growth curves in the the end.

The Rombach Report said...

"We all know what happens to exponential growth curves in the the end."

Yeah but, maybe it's different this time.

Ryan Harris said...

Now we have a good idea WHEN the trend will end. As most the activity is by Austrians and Gold Bugs they can enjoy the imminent spanking from invisible hand of the unregulated market. It should teach them some valuable lessons in discipline and austerity and herd mentality.

miller B said...

It wouldn't be the invisible hand if ask them. Take a surf on max kiesers site. Every up day in PMs/bit coins is pure market action vindicating the "evil fed" doctrine. In contrast a down day is an obvious market manipulation by the FED to keep "real money" suppressed.