Thursday, April 14, 2016

Chris Dillow — Marxists & Libertarians

I would put in terms of right Libertarian/anarcho-capitalist/ and left libertarian/Marxist/libertarian-socialist/anarcho-syndicalist/communalist rather than simply "Marxists and Libertarians."
Marxists and libertarians have much in common. We both believe that freedom is a – the? – great good; Marxists, though, more than right-libertarians, are also troubled by non-state coercion. We are both sceptical about whether state power can be used benignly. And for both of us, the ideal is a withering away of the state. In these regards, Marxists probably have more in common with right-libertarians than with social democrats [who accept capitalism as the base line].
The thinking on the left is broader than Marxism. Left libertarians of all stripes are in general agreement that the issue is concentrated power, regardless of who wields it, and that concentrated wealth results in concentrated power.

Individual liberty requires distributed power, which implies distributed wealth, information, etc.

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Marxists & Libertarians
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Random said...

Take a look at this Tom. WTF?? What a joke.

Tom Hickey said...

Well, you do have a poor house tradition there. Lot of folks probably think that anything better than that is too much.