Saturday, April 16, 2016

Chris Dillow — Over-estimating neoliberialism

All this makes me suspect that those leftists who try to intellectualize neoliberalism and who talk of a “neoliberal project” are giving it too much credit - sometimes verging dangerously towards conspiracy theories. Maybe there’s less here than meets the eye. Perhaps neoliberalism is simply what we get when the boss class exercises power over the state.
Right, but the left wants to avoid Marxist terms, so most "serious" people on the left avoid them.

Stumbling and Mumbling
Over-estimating neoliberialism
Chris Dillow | Investors Chronicle


Bob said...

Serious people in general would want to avoid those who push conspiracy theories or identity politics.

Simsalablunder said...

Serious people would also want avoid those who label things that aren't conspiracy theories as conspiracy theories, which is done to quell the opponent.