Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Gilbert Doctorow — Agent William F. Browder: The Smoking Gun

The plot thickens.
And so that we may understand why such talents and contacts could be useful to British (and by extension to American) intelligence, a further flashback to 28 August 1986 shows us a CIA document entitled “Change the Constitutional and Political System in Eastern Europe and the USSR” signed by the agency director Wiliam Casey. Among the specific actions within the scope of this program would be “getting control over financial flows and removing assets from the economies of developed countries.”
That's still the plan. Russia and China are aware of this and taking steps to neutralize US attempts at regime change though color revolution and hybrid warfare. Needless to say, the stakes are huge. This is going to be a fight to the death.

La parole franche
Agent William F. Browder: The Smoking Gun
Gilbert Doctorow

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Navalny also intends to initiate a lawsuit against the authors of the news segment, he stated today on his website.
A lot of questions should be answered in the course of this law suit.

Navalny to sue major state-owned TV operator for upcoming error-filled documentary ‘The Browder Effect’


lastgreek said...

Tom, in case you missed Ambassador Chas W. Freeman's article in Counterpunch today :)

"The End of the American Empire"


Tom Hickey said...

Thanks. I had seen that and posted it previously.