Friday, April 15, 2016

Katehon — 9 major points of "Direct Line" with Vladimir Putin

1. Free-market fundamentalismFirst, the president touched on economic issues. According to Putin, the economic strategy that is elaborated by the liberal economic block of the Russian government is, in general, correct. According to him, Russia is successfully coping with the consequences of the crisis and the pressure of sanctions. Putin demonstrated that he continues to be a supporter of a liberal, market-based approach to the economy. Moreover, he stressed that the neoliberal trend in the Russian economic policy will only intensify. Former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin, hated by the patriotic part of Russian society, and is closely associated with the pro-Western opposition, takes a position close to the president:
“We have agreed that he will work more actively at the Presidential Expert Council, possibly as a deputy chair. He can also work at one of the more effective agencies, including those created in the past, such as the Centre for Strategic Research, formulating a development strategy for the immediate future, the post-2018 period and a more distant future.”
2. The balance of power
At the same time, Putin has sought to maintain a balance between representatives of liberal and patriotic forces in the ruling elite.…
7. Offshore and Goldman Sachs
According to the President of Russia, US multinationals are behind the organization of so-called Panama Papers. In particular it is Goldman Sachs:

"However, who is engaged in these provocations? We know that there are employees of official US agencies; an article was written - I asked [my] press secretary Peskov where it first appeared - in Süddeutsche Zeitung. Süddeutsche Zeitung is part of a media holding that belongs to the US financial corporation Goldman Sachs. In other words, those behind this stick out, but they never blush.”
8. Against the American ideology
Once again the Russian leader criticized the ideology of American exceptionalism. The Russian President stressed the incompatibility of the current American ideology with the multipolar world order sought by Russia…
9 major points of "Direct Line" with Vladimir Putin

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Ryan Harris said...

GS is probably a shorthand way to convey to Russian people the neo-liberal elite capitalist pigs that promote US hegemony. Easier to just say Goldman Sachs, everyone knows what he means anyway.