Monday, April 18, 2016

Katehon — Neo-Marxism (The Third Paradigm)

Immanuel Wallerstein on international relations (IR).

Important in understanding the global economy and liberal globalization under capitalism.
According to I. Wallerstein, the World-System is today reaching the limits of its development. The economic, social, cultural, informational, and technological codes of globalization are deeply penetrating the periphery and have no more space for further expansion. This means that global capitalism is nearing its historical disappearance, having appeared under certain historical circumstances only to later meet the apogee of its realized model. Nowadays, the entire “World-System” is in the throes of a dangerous crisis and the liberal ideology forming its base has disappeared along with other ideological alternatives (represented in the past by communism).

Wallerstein says that “the structural constraints of endless capital accumulation processes which control our world have reached their end and are now acting as functional brakes…They now create a chaotic situation…Fifty years later, this chaos is to create a new world order.”
Thus, modern globalization is not the beginning of a new process, but the end and termination of an old one whose end will inaugurate a “transitional era” which Wallerstein does not specify, admitting that we are faced with uncertainty.…
Neo-Marxism (The Third Paradigm)

If you are not already familiar with it, Ralph Peters Constant Conflict is relevant for a Western military POV. The revolution has already begun and TPTB are aligning to suppress it.

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