Thursday, April 14, 2016

Lee Fang — In Undisclosed CIA Investments, Social Media Mining Looms Large

FYI. Some intelligence on the intel community.

The Intercept 


Random said...

Hey Tom random question

If homosexuality is at least part-genetic, how come the gene doesn't die out?

Tom Hickey said...

Of course, if it were an exclusive condition, then humanity would die out. It may also result in a homosexual person not having biological children but not necessarily, for example, social pressure, closeting, etc.

But genetics is not based not only on individuals but also on populations, and evolution is based on on populations and environments. Homosexuality is relatively rare compared with hetero, and most are hetero, with many people bi. In addition, it seems that the natural state, humans are polyamorous and that marriage of a single man and woman as an institution is acquired rather than natural. So a family's generic material gets passed on by other siblings if a homosexual family member doesn’t reproduce, just as with any other person who doesn't reproduce for whatever reason.

Obviously communities of people that do not reproduce themselves for whatever reason will die out unless they recruit successfully.

jrbarch said...

If I may jump in on that one also R. & T. –

For me, human beings are in the final analysis ‘units of energy’. They are receivers and transmitters of energy flows; they are users of energy (not the source). Consciousness is focused in some energy flow. There are the ‘fires’ that animate and vitalise the physical body, and further up the spiral, corresponding fires that animate the emotional nature and mental nature; above these is the clear sweet transparent warmth, light and beauty, clarity, of what we call Love-Wisdom - within each human heart - from whence consciousness has a satellite view of the personality and all of its energy constituents; above these the creative Divine Flame. ‘Meditation’ is the art of bridging.

So, from this point of view, we are a little spark, descended from an infinite ocean of energy, which spark flames into being for less than a nanosecond on the universal clock – but for us everything gets slowed down, and we get to experience the energy flow in which we aspire to bathe. One day all of the geneticists will come face to face with the Self, and they will realise they have the story upside-down, mistaking the biological self and ‘I’ (which they conflate) for the Self. I can understand that. At the moment it’s like the new astrology – the ‘brain’ is everything.