Monday, April 4, 2016

Matthew Allen — The CIA Just Backstabbed Obama

What we're witnessing is a coordinated campaign by the CIA to distance itself from its own disastrous plan in Syria.
Thanks to the CIA-controlled stenographers in the US media, Americans are now supposed to believe that the CIA had to work in Syria with one arm tied behind its back. Nothing could be further from the truth.
The CIA failed in Syria. And now the Agency is backstabbing Obama.
We recommend staying away from grassy knolls, Mr. President.
Russia Insider
The CIA Just Backstabbed Obama
Marko Marjanović

In Syria, CIA & Pentagon-Funded Militias Clash
Diana Strong


Michael Norman said...

Play with a rattlesnake and you are likely to get bit.

Obama has backstabbed so many. It's fun to see him get it for once.

Dan Lynch said...

Does anyone really know who is in charge of the U.S. government? :-)

Don't assume that our chaotic policy means chaotic management. Israel loves it when Arabs kill each other. Israel loves it when Arab countries are destabilized and Balkanized.

John said...

Obama shot himself in the face - repeatedly at that, and this from an arrogant position of claiming not to do "dumb wars". By distancing itself from Obama's recklessness, the CIA may (or may not) have stabbed him in the back. Being stabbed in the back isn't going to hurt after your head is splattered on the ceiling. As they've always done, the spooks are just positioning themselves for a new president.