Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Murtaza Hussain — Young Iraqis Overwhelmingly Consider U.S. Their Enemy, Poll Says

MORE THAN 90 PERCENT of young people in Iraq consider the United States to be an enemy of their country, according to a new poll.
After years spent justifying the war as a “liberation” of the Iraqi people, the survey casts further doubt on the success of that endeavor.…
Good job, neocons and war hawks.

The Intercept
Young Iraqis Overwhelmingly Consider U.S. Their Enemy, Poll Says
Murtaza Hussain


nivekvb said...

I'm not surprised, the US flattened the place, shock and awe. And caused a civil war there. They say that every family has lost love ones.

John said...

No different to New Yorkers considering Al Qaeda their enemy, although the religious psychopaths can only dream of having the firepower to lay total waste to whole countries.

On second thoughts, the religious psychopaths have laid waste whole countries (Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Syria) - when backed by Uncle Sam.

O say can you see the countries we laid waste
What so proudly we hailed at the innocent blood lay streaming

Matt Franko said...

Should have bombed Iran instead?

John said...

While you're at it, bomb Canada too. The countries that have done nothing to Americans are the subject of hysteria, which Americans lap up because their lunatic politicians instruct them who is today's object of berserk hatred. Yes, the planet was nearly incinerated because of US hysteria towards Cuba, a tiny island known for cigars and rum. Vietnam had to be incinerated, and could not have been were it not for the population's enthusiasm for genocide. Jim Jones has nothing on the Kool-Aid Washington serves up. The countries which are a direct threat to Americans are considered the closest of allies, and Americans lap that up too. Most Americans couldn't tell you where Iran is or anything about the country, let alone studied US-Iranian political history. All they know is that they have been instructed to hate it by their putrid political representatives. There's more American mythology for you: Americans are independent minded and scornful of authority!

It's not as if we Brits are any different. In fact, we're immeasurably worse - that's why the UK is deservedly the laughing stock of the world. The US "national interest", as loose as that definition is, is considered synonymous with, even more important than, our own. The US doesn't need a Trump. The UK needs a Trump! In fact the UK could have done with any of the post-1945 leaders of almost any other European country, who, as bad as they have undoubtedly been, were prepared to defend their own "national interest" and tell the maniacal leaders of the global hegemon to go fuck themselves. Instead, we have servile buffoons.

Septeus7 said...

Excellent. Now let's have hundreds of thousands of these young men come into our countries as refugees. What could possibly go wrong?

John said...


What you say is right, but there's more to it than that. Having killed millions, left many more millions maimed for life, orphaned countless others, destroyed the infrastructure and these countries abilities to fend for themselves (which will then lead to many more needless deaths, injuries and illnesses), created the conditions for religious maniacs to take over, those who are in any position to escape naturally do so.

Practically speaking, Europe, especially the newly impoverished southern countries in Europe, is in no position to accept millions of refugees, but then again the surrounding countries to the conflicts are in a far worse position. Is a politically and religiously fractured country like Lebanon really in any position to take a million refugees, when it can barely tend to its own war torn population of five million? Simply stated, the proposal seems to be Syria takes in Iraqi refugees, and Iraq takes in Syrian refugees! If Turkey takes in any refugees, they'll either be forced over the borders back into Iraq and Syria, where they'll either be murdered by ISIS and Al Qaeda or left to rot in makeshift camps. If allowed to stay in Turkey, they will, at best, have been offered a precarious safety. Either way, they then are stuck in the most awful of refugee camps, which only further breeds further jihadis. As Septeus7 says, what could possibly go wrong? When things eventually do go badly wrong, we can smugly proclaim our moral superiority over these untermenschen. I mean, really, what the fuck do you think is going to happen if you smash countries to smithereens? Pacifist environmentalist feminist lefties will take over? Or more likely brutal maniacs? The least we can do is be honest.

If there were any justice, which there seldom is, those in Washington, London and Paris making policy need to be arraigned before the International Court of Justice. The only injustices that count are those done to us.