Friday, April 15, 2016

Natalie Vasilyeva — Problems fixed all over Russia after appeals on Putin's show

Not satire.

BTW, this is an old tradition in Russia from Tsarist times. The people could always petition the Tsar and a good Tsar made sure that things were set right.

Problems fixed all over Russia after appeals on Putin's show
Natalie Vasilyeva

This one is not satire. Just nutty.

A lot of people in the West have forgotten or never new that it was chiefly the USSR that stopped Hitler and drove him back at huge cost. Russia still calls WWII "the Great Patriotic War." Do people like Lloyd really believe that sanctions and low oil prices that set back the Russian economy somewhat are going "break Russia."

When will Russia break?
John Lloyd | co-founder of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford, where he is Senior Research Fellow, and also a contributing editor at FT and the founder of FT Magazine

Russia is restructuring away from resource export dependence (Dutch disease) and focusing on re-industrializing, innovation, and import substitution (which is aided by sanctions). Christine Lagarde doesn't think that things are going so bad and the direction is changing.

Russian economy’s trend is proper but results are not outstanding – IMF Managing Director.

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