Thursday, April 14, 2016

Neoliberals like Larry Summers are beside themselves at the prospect of a Trump presidency

Neoliberals like Larry Summers are aghast at the prospect of a Trump presidency. He recently called it the most dangerous thing that could happen to America.

 Larry Summers worried about Trump Presidency

The hyperbole is overflowing like rivers of shit straight out of Summers' mouth.

Here's the guy who pushed aggressively for the deregulation of the financial sector, which eventually led to a near-total, global economic collapse. And it's safe to say that billions...BILLIONS of people have still not recovered from that.

This guy is an ass if there ever was one, but he shows you the extreme worry by his crowd if Trump ever becomes president.

Think of it, a candidate who wants to raise taxes on the rich (and who's rich, himself!), boost wages, impose tariffs on China and other trading partners and a guy who HATES Wall Street and the parasitic speculators that prey on our economy.

What horror!!!

From  the neoliberals and warmongering neocons to the corporate CEO's and the lobbyists and political establishment and elite (of both parties), Trump has enormously powerful forces arrayed against him. It is almost impossible for him to win.

What am I saying? It is impossible.

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