Friday, April 8, 2016

Panama Papers Ignore Massive Corruption and Racketeering in America

I thought I would reprint this Stephen Lendman post in full, it's so good, totally pertinent and to the point. There are two types of capitalism, mum and pop small businesses, which can become medium and large businesses.  On top of that is turbo capitalism, which is pseudo capitalism, which uses the meritocracy (where people work hard and start businesses) as propaganda for its looting.

Panama Papers Ignore Massive Corruption and Racketeering in America

by Stephen Lendman

America is the epicenter of world public and private corruption and gangsterism - a kleptocracy run by criminals complicit with corporate crooks, headquartered on Wall Street, profiting at the public’s expense.

Monied interests transformed the nation into an unprecedented money making racket, scamming ordinary people of their savings, jobs, homes and futures so privileged elites can get richer and more powerful.

From inception, the business of America has always been business - meaning license to pillage, defraud and benefit extralegally, including tax avoidance more than anywhere else worldwide, encouraging high-net-worth foreign individuals to shift funds to the US free from taxation, discussed in a separate article.

Government of, by, and for its privileged few allows grand theft on an unprecedented scale. Markets are manipulated up or down for profit, scamming the unwary.

Authorities permitted the greatest ever wealth shift from ordinary people to its rich and powerful, the grandest of grand theft, facilitated by Fed controlled money, credit and debt - Wall Street owned and operated.

America’s dark legacy is largely concealed from view. Enormous wealth is hidden in tax havens or investments at home and abroad, free from taxation.

Wall Street banks and other giant US financial institutions are at the center of unprecedented criminality, aided by government co-conspirators.

Panama Papers’ leaks were selective, from what’s known so far, ignoring Western wrongdoing, focusing attention elsewhere, including on targets powerful monied interests in the West complicit with Washington want smeared - notably Vladimir Putin, despite no evidence linking him to tax avoidance or hiding ill-gotten wealth in secret offshore accounts.
Western media scoundrels reacted as expected, pointing fingers the wrong way, ignoring what demands featuring.

The New York Times discussed “the Panama Papers’ sprawling web of corruption” without addressing its unrevealed epicenter in America.

The Washington Post asked “where have Russia’s billions gone” instead of demanding accountability for America’s criminal class.

The Wall Street Journal highlighted a “Chinese link to (the) ‘Panama Papers’ widen(ing).” Lots discussed on its top officials, nothing about wrongdoing by Americans.

Crime in high places is a global epidemic. Exposing it demands starting with its epicenter.

It’s deep-rooted in the world’s richest country with nearly a third of global billionaires, more than in all EU countries combined, and government run by its rich and powerful, controlled by monied interests, serving America’s privileged class exclusively at the expense of everyone else.


Roger Erickson said...

Of course it does.

If we were gonna address US Corruption, we'd call it the Pecora Commission.

.... or maybe the Bill Black Commission

Jud Witham said...

The Panama Papers are a DISTRACTION ....... US Corruption is MASSIVE