Sunday, April 10, 2016

Reno Berkeley — Banking Expert Who Exposed Savings & Loan Corruption Joins Sanders Campaign

An expert in banking corruption and finance has joined the Bernie Sanders campaign. William K. Black, an associate professor at the University of Missouri-KC, is Bernie Sanders’ new economic advisor. Black was one of the central figures in exposing and prosecuting corruption in the savings and loan crisis from the late 1980s and mid-1990s. His addition to the Sanders campaign brings important knowledge in laws pertaining to finance and banking.…
Banking Expert Who Exposed Savings & Loan Corruption Joins Sanders Campaign
Reno Berkeley


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Tom Hickey said...

ISTM that Sanders missed an opportunity not making more of Stephanie Kelton. Hopefully, he will not make that mistake with Bill. Randy was also on a list of previous advisers. They could all make mincemeat of Krugman's attacks on Bernie and promotion of Hillary.

I see a lot of attacks on Bernie are based on the math not adding up. He needs to have some economists run through the numbers showing how that is mistaken and those making the claim are either ignorant or disingenuous.

The economic conditions and also the demographics are moving the Overton window left. The left needs to set forth a vision and ow to actualize it in terms of policy, both foreign and domestic. Otherwise, the frame is ceded to the right and the left is chipping away at the edges. That's Bernie's problem to a great degree.

He is not being bold enough in putting out a plan from the left that is based on a new frame of reference grounded in putting people first.

We've got "too much government" from the POV of military and monetary policy and not enough wrt to fiscal policy and legislation and regulation that address economic rent as a free ride.

Roger Erickson said...

Biggest step since Pecora joined the FDR administration