Friday, April 1, 2016

RT — Kremlin warns of planned ‘information attack’ against Putin. It's on. Xi, too. Getting personal.

The attacks on Putin and Xi in the Western "press" begin, just as Putin's spokesman said they were about to several days ago.

Kremlin warns of planned ‘information attack’ against Putin

Russia Insider
Actual Foreign Policy Headline: "Pussy for Putin...and Now, Wendi Deng"
Originally appeared at Foreign Policy (registration required)

Foreign Policy is the press organ of the Council on Foreign Relations

From Russia Insider Daily Ticker
Wendi Deng rumoured to be dating Vladimir Putin after magazine links pair(Daily Mail). You know, the thought had occurred. But seriously, if this is the best they can manage, it’s risible, to say the least. Unless it’s an April fools’ joke.
Kremlin dismisses reports businessman provided home to women tied to Putin(Sputnik). Yeah but we wanna hear Peskov address rumours about Putin and Wendi Deng – not this complicated paper-trail stuff! Ah, but that may be the reason for the Wendi Deng story – to cater to those who’d easily get lost trying to follow the complicated paper-trail story about homes and women with pussycats and so forth. But seriously, one hopes Peskov won’t dignify the Deng rumours with a response.
Xi under attack, too. Story originates in the US. 

The Guardian
'Not fit to lead': letter attacking Xi Jinping sparks witch-hunt in Beijing
Stuart Leavenworth

The tell: "The letter was first published online by Canyu, a US-based Chinese-language website edited by Cai Chu, a human rights activist." is registered to Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc. to preserve anonymity. Cai Chu (@caichu88) is a Chinese dissident ex-pat judging from his Twitter feed. He lists his website as
Democratic China MissionThe mission of the organization is to promote democracy, freedom of expression and freedom of publication in China through the following educational and developmental activities: Highlighting and promoting public debate on the reform of China's legal system, especially the constitution, and practices that violate and undermine the bundle of rights related to the freedom of expression and publication . Providing an electronic platform to for Chinese citizens to practice their right to free expression as well as their right to access information. Providing a forum for the exchange of ideas among Chinese and the international activists who advocate the abolishment of the Chinese government's control over expression and publication, especially for those that criticize the Chinese government's violation of the rights of freedom of expression and other related rights. Bringing international attention and pressure on the Chinese government's practices that violate freedom of expression and publication in order to hold the government accountable for its promise to allow free expression. Research and publications on the theory and practice of democracy and freedom of expression and freedom of publication in China.
The Mysterious Letter: Is Washington Plotting Against Xi Jinping? 
Caleb Maupin
The anonymous letter, which is almost celebrated in the western press, may be completely irrelevant. The western press could be blowing it up into something far bigger than it is, hoping to discredit Xi and give the impression that he unpopular.
However, the letter could also indicate something more sinister. It is highly possible that Wall Street and the state department are maneuvering within China to depose Xi, and perhaps have allies within the party. It would certainly be to the benefit of many rich people in both the United States and China to replace Xi with more market-oriented leadership.
The letter and its trumpeting in western media could be a kind of call to rally the rightist factions, setting the stage for an attempted coup d’etat or intense confrontation within the party structure.
Chinese Communism is now facing many challenges, both on the international stage and among the Chinese people. As Xi continues to fight and restrict capitalism, strengthening “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics” – and becoming more popular for doing so – the reaction from the rich and powerful is likely to grow more intense. The media fixation with the mysterious letter, the recent confrontations in the South China Sea, both coinciding with anti-China tirades from US Presidential candidates, all point to sharp confrontations ahead.
China apparently has a "fifth column" like Russia.

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