Friday, April 1, 2016

Who made this call? I did!

stock market rally

Back in January when the market was selling off I said that it would end up to t be a major bottom for the year. In early February when the interruption of IRS tax refunds was rectified, I issued a "Buy, Buy, Buy" recommendation and the market literally took off the day I said that.

No one else out there made these calls. In fact there were some terrible calls, like the RBS "catastrophic selloff" call that I said would go down as the worst call by by any forecaster ever made (at least this year).

How did I do this? Do I have a crystal ball? Well, yes and no. I have been looking at flows. I have been talking about flows. Without question this has given me insight into the markets that have been far more prescient than those looking at anything else, including and especially, deficits.

This blog has been more accurate than any other source of market or economic information out there. It's something to think about. We're growing and I am pleased. We have a lot of really intelligent, thoughtful, followers and contributors and commenters, but why we don't have a million readers a month is beyond me.

I guess you don't find diamonds lying around in the street. That's what makes them valuable.


Matt Franko said...

Mike looks like March will end up way over 400B... most likely first ever >400B March...

Michael Norman said...

Yes, I have been watching. Up over $400b already and one statement day left to go! Deficit increasing now, too. Hahahah!!

MRW said...

Mike and Matt,

When did these flows and exchange rate discussions happen? Can you direct me to the time in the Archives so I can check it out.


Michael Norman said...

MRW...we've been saying this stuff for almost two years now. That's when we broke with the "deficit is too small" crowd. There have been many, many, posts. Search "flows," search "deficit" search "forex" search "euro" search "stocks" search "dollar."

Did you just start reading this blog today? I believe I have seen your comments posted here before, so I know that you saw my nearly constant discussions and mentions of flows.

Are you suggesting we didn't talk about this?

Look at my courses that I have been promoting here for years. Look at my "Understanding the Daily Treasury Statement." Look at my "MMT Trader" report.

There's tons of stuff on here supporting what we have been saying all along.

MRW said...

K. I was just wondering when they first started so that I could start there. I wasn’t reading the blog two years ago except on an intermittent basis, and I wasn’t reading the comments.

Michael Norman said...


Start with those search terms. You will see plenty of stuff. I am sure there is more; I just don't remember what labels I used each time. However, there's plenty of stuff. In addition, please check out my YouTube Channel and if you are not already a subscriber, please subscribe. I talk about this stuff A LOT on there.

And anyone who has not subscribed to my YouTube channel, please do so.

Mike Norman's YouTube Channel

MRW said...

Thanks, Mike. will do. Matt, you remember your contributions at all? Just to help out (you must know by now that I am honey badger when it comes to checking stuff out).