Friday, May 6, 2016

Adelson to Support Trump

This should quiet the neo-cons.


db68 said...

This is news? Adelsons one vote is more important than someone else's one vote? What a joke.

Tom Hickey said...

When one dollar equals one vote, yes.

But the real issue is that Adelson is a staunch Zionist, and the neocons, whom the Saker calls Anglo-Zionists, are opposed to Trump as off the reservation in US politics. Addison's "vote" definitely offsets this, since he is considered pretty rabid about it.

If Trump passes the Adelson test, the neocons are several discredited on that score and are left defending NATO and picturing Trump as a Putin-lover.

Trump has already burnished his anti-Chinese credentials, so that is off the table for them.

Ryan Harris said...

This time will be different with shadow banking because they are disruptivators.

Credit, Payment Systems, ABS, Deposits and complex models of big data, mo history to
give mo future predictions. What could possibly go wrong as the numbers move from millions to billions and now hundreds of billions?

Ignacio said...
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