Friday, May 6, 2016

Ollie McAninch — The explosion of the Fintech industry: Revolution or evolution?

The media is abuzz with the emergence of Finnish technology companies; and they’re markedly different from the norm. There is no doubt that consumers have been crying out for an alternative to traditional banking practices for a long time now, particularly when it comes to things like high remittance fees and transfers. But are FinTech companies bringing about revolution or evolution?…
The London Economic
The explosion of the Fintech industry: Revolution or evolution?
Ollie McAninch

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Ryan Harris said...

What is it with shadow banking? Young financiers always think that this time is different, that they are revolutionizing the world, democratizing money. Every few years, they think that Equity and ABS are some new novel funding source, an invention that no one thought of before. And their analysis of credit histories are always more thorough, more accurate, more lenient than ever before. And for awhile, it all goes swimmingly. That they can responsibly take deposits (paypal, google, apple, etc) and run payment systems without government guarantees and oversight because they are benevolent and would NEVER hurt a fly.