Friday, May 6, 2016

Crybaby billionaire casino magnate, Steve Wynn, who hates gov't interference, now wants gov't to help his stock

steve wynn

These crybaby billionaires.

When they're on top of the world it's because they're smarter than everyone and self-sufficient and makers, not takers, right?

Steve Wynn has railed about government interfere in the past, decrying Obama as a "socialist."

But now, when his stock is under pressure from short sellers, he's whining that the government is not in there, helping him out.

He lamented that the SEC hasn’t done anything about high frequency traders.
“I have very little respect for the integrity of the trading on the exchange in most stocks. And I have particular disdain for the fact that the SEC has failed to deal with high-frequency traders who are doing nothing more than taking advantage of inside information, a buy or a sell order, because of technology advantages,” he said. "If you read Flash Boys, it's all spelled out for you. And if I execute an order, I'll use the IEX. I'll use Brad Katsuyama if I was buying something, so that I couldn't be fronted by the high-frequency traders. But there's an awful lot of that going on."

Maybe these short sellers know something, like his Macau casino's are not doing so well. And he wants to tell the government to make them stop.


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