Friday, May 6, 2016

Patrick Gillespie — U.S. billionaire [Stephen Schwarzman]: China wants the American dream

Stephen Schwarzman gets China essentially right. Cooperation rather than confrontation is in the interest of both the US and China.

CNN Money
U.S. billionaire: China wants the American dream
Patrick Gillespie

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Random said...

'International competitiveness' is the new buzzphrase.

"I have read in a few places recently people saying that the impact of international competitiveness is not what it was. I agree with Paul Krugman that this pessimism is unlikely to be warranted. I have spent a significant part of my working life estimating and applying trade elasticities (the impact of international competitiveness on trade and hence demand), and this experience has taught me that this effect is a bit like Milton Friedman’s description of how monetary policy works: there can be long and variable lags. So I expect that the Eurozone’s competitiveness gain over the last year and a half will begin to impact on Eurozone GDP at some point in the next year or two, and that might just provide more rapid growth than we saw at the beginning of 2016."