Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Jim Chanos is a piker who tries to sound like he's a big swinging dick

Jim Chanos is a piker

Jim Chanos, the famous "short seller," has been "short" China forever. He calls it "the gift that keeps on giving on the short side."

Oh really? Then he's just some piker scalper.

The reasons Chanos gives for his perpetual short China trade amount to all the same misguided B.S. we hear from the likes of people like Kyle Bass and more recently, George Soros (who's only ever made money by trading on inside information).

Here are Chanos' reasons:

China's got too much debt.

It's a bubble.

They're fudging their numbers. ("Do you believe those numbers?" Said in the voice of an old prospector.)

Chanos is a fake and a phony. If he's short at all he's small time short (he never discloses his position size when asked, because he's probably embarrassed) and even then, he's scalping it, afraid to make a commitment with some balls.

Screw you, Chanos. Blow out already, piker.

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