Wednesday, May 4, 2016

You gotta buy down here

Once again, typical emotional selling.

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Footsoldier said...

The sp500 is hell bent on crude oil it has mirrored it for months now.

When oil goes up the sp500 rises when oil goes down the sp500 falls.

I'm starting to think that the price of oil is a nightmare as the buyers and sellers just mirror it and that sentiment is just as strong as the fiscal flows.

No matter what news is announced they follow crude oil and mirror it on the sp500.

I would have thought low crude oil prices would have been good for the economy overall but the sp500 does not like it for one minute.

If you watch the 1 min market they just copy it pip for pip and have done in the last 12 hours and has been the same for weeks now.

I've jumped in at 2048.5 I wish oil would just get out of the way and let the flows do the job.