Sunday, August 14, 2016

Alex Christoforou — Hillary Clinton surrogate, Senator Claire McCaskill says “Trump and his friend Putin are the founder of ISIS”

Easy to see where this is going.

McCaskill is supposed to be a "progressive." 

Listen up, there are zero office holders in the Democratic Party that are actually progressives other than on some isolated issues. 

That should be obvious now that Bernie has exposed himself for what he actually is, just another cog in the machine. 

But McCaskill was even on the left in the Democratic Party, even though Rachel Maddow tried to sell her as such.

The Duran
Hillary Clinton surrogate, Senator Claire McCaskill says “Trump and his friend Putin are the founder of ISIS”
Alex Christoforou


Ryan Harris said...

Hezbollah Leader Echoes Trump That Obama, Clinton Founded ISIS

I don't think it's all that controversial really, even Michael Flynn, on Al Jazeera was interviewed and presented with the quote from 2012 D.I.A. report that told Obama,

"There is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist Principality in eastern Syria and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want in order to isolate the Syrian regime."

Gen Flynn comment about above: "Yeah, I think that what we – where we missed the point. I mean, where we totally blew it, I think, was in the very beginning. "

Obama literally supported and created ISIL. I expect Donald Trump has been getting these security briefings daily, and understands exactly how culpable the President and Hillary are but can't say too much, obviously. He tried to get the media to follow up, but they are too giddy over calling Trump stupid to realize he was throwing them a bone.

Kain said...

Claire McCaskill has always been on the moderate wing of the Party, given she comes from a swing/red state.

Tom Hickey said...

Yes, but she has been sold as "progressive" at heart that has to compromise enough to be elected.

Gary Hart said...

Donald Trump said yesterday that lying Hillary is not his opponent. His opponent is the media. No truer words were ever spoken.

Kaivey said...

The stuff I read recently I'd that Trump is said to win, except - I might add- they will fix the election so he doesn't.

The Rombach Report said...

Bush's decision to invade and occupy Iraq paved the groundwork for the eventual rise of ISIS. The catalyst was the Clinton/Obama's intervention in Libya and subsequent channeling of the weapons used to topple Qaddafi, out of Libya, through Turkey and then into Syria to arm opposition militants fighting Assad. These militants often morphed into ISIS. So, in this sense the U.S. has been arming ISIS, perhaps not intentionally so, but the practical consequence has been that ISIS obtained a lot o weaponry from U.S. intervention in the region. U.S. foreign policy seems very confused about who the enemy is; ISIS or Assad? Russia is not so confused. The neocon drumbeat that "Assad must go" is what has U.S. foreign policy stumbling and unable to mop up ISIS.

This is where the Ukraine/Russian conflict becomes intertwined with the Syrian civil war, because Russia has oil/gas pipelines running through Ukraine to service the European market. Saudis and Qatar covet that market and want to take it away from the Russians by running oil/gas pipelines from the Saudi Arabian peninsula to the Mediterranean Sea by way of Syria. And that is why "Assad must go!"

Rand Paul had Hillary nailed back in January, 2013, when he asked her about weapons shipments from Libya to Turkey.