Thursday, August 4, 2016

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard — We are all Keynesians now, so let's get fiscal

No mention of what Keynes actually recommended and why.

The Telegraph
We are all Keynesians now, so let's get fiscal
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard


Andrew Anderson said...

The proper abolition of government provided deposit insurance should require a huge amount of new fiat to be equally distributed to the population - by fiscal means.

And who will object to such a distribution and abolition except the usual suspects?

Ralph Musgrave said...

Andrew, I fully agree.

Re Ambrose E-P, like most of the windbags who write for newspapers he advocates extra infrastructure spending. As I've pointed out a thousand times, extra infra spending may well be needed, in which case it needs to be increased over the next decade or two. But the idea that infrastructure projects can be switched on and off to deal with booms and busts is crazy.

Where demand needs to be increased quickly, it's much more effective to increase CURRENT as opposed to CAPITAL spending.

Ryan Harris said...
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