Sunday, August 7, 2016

Classic Putin

Some say Putin is an authoritarian, but Margret Thatcher was a strong authoritarian who stuck up for her class, wrecked the working class, and used the army to crush the unions.  And Ronald Reagan pursued viscous authoritarian policies in Central America - the Contra Rebels.

Here Putin restarts a factory that the Russian oligarchs have closed down. Thousands of jobs and workers families livelihoods are at stake, says Putin, as he tells the oligarchs off. But how dare anyone stand up to them, that's against their freedom to do as they please regardless of anyone else, or society? That's authoritarian, or is it? The police are authoritarian with criminals, but that helps us to have a free society.

I wished we had politicians in the West that would take on the One Percent like Putin does, but they are all corrupt and want to get cushy jobs in the corporations and the financial sector when they leave government: The revolving door.

I love the bit where the oligarch accidentally walks off with Putin's pen. I do that all the time. Putin abruptly asked for it back. He's is not smiling.

So you think you know Putin? BOSS, RESTARTING A FACTORY

And, just today (Oct. 14, 2015), Pres. Putin is solving another possibly similar problem somewhere else in Russia, combating possible clandestine activities hurting the workers, making Russia a better place for every Russian. Even if you don't understand the language, you'll get much from the tone and body language of Vlad, who is visiting a massive development site for space travel, looking into workers not receiving their pay. 


Ralph Musgrave said...

So Putin (presumably using taxpayers' money) subsidises a loss making factory. Big deal. That money is necessarily withdrawn from more viable forms of economic activity. Result: Russia is worse off.

Kaivey said...

Classic right wing reply. These types of economic theories have been applied to the West for the last 30 years and look at the results? A dead economy.