Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Cory Bennett — Democrats' new warning: Leaks could include Russian lies

More shoes about to drop. Julian Assange has warned he has enough information to indict HRC that will be coming out. Looks like the Democrats are worried that they are about to be outed further. This is becoming funny to watch. "Putin did it" is the new "the Devil made me do it," or "The dog ate my homework." Hillaryous. Bring out the popcorn and let the fireworks begin.

Democrats' new warning: Leaks could include Russian lies
Cory Bennett
ht Kevin Fathi

Meanwhile, Donald Trump supplements Paul Manafort with Breitbart honcho Steve Bannon.

And Scott Adams was right about "Godzilla" joining HRC's campaign  as master persuader at the time she switched strategy from reasoning to persuasion techniques.
It seems Bannon, Conway and Manafort may have their work cut out for them, especially if Dilbert cartoonist and astute political observer Scott Adams is correct. Adams told Breitbart recently that the Clinton camp’s surge in polls and the targeted attacks on Trump bear the hallmarks of behavioral psychologist Robert Cialdini, a prominent figure in getting Barack Obama elected.
“The Clinton persuasion game went from non-existent, which I reported on for months, to solid-gold, weapons-grade, almost instantly, as soon as Bernie Sanders dropped out,” Adams said, adding that he wouldn’t be surprised if the person behind the strategy was either Cialdini, or one of his disciples. “His fingerprints are all over this.”
No more Mr. Nice Trump: Candidate shuffles campaign, hires Breitbart exec

And this from Aug 10.

International Business Times
Julian Assange: WikiLeaks will show how US intelligence interferes in European electionsGroup has reportedly obtained information on the Clinton Foundation.
Jason Murdock

Expect a furious media campaign to malign Assange and picture his as a stooge of none other than Vladimir Putin.

Moreover, the crudity of the propaganda is astounding, reminiscent of  Pravda during the days of the USSR.
While the source of the email leaks remains unknown, multiple cybersecurity firms uncovered evidence that at least two infiltrations at the DNC computer networks were likely the work of state-sponsored groups known as Fancy Bear and Cosy Bear.
Would state-sponsored Russian hacking groups tag themselves "bear? It beggars belief and smacks of information warfare, and not very good information warfare at that. 

The US elite is finally being exposed for what they are.


Ryan Harris said...

Crooked hillary and the clinton foundations problems, various email server crimes, perjury to congress and an possible indictment forthcoming, now the health thing and it seems like with all the flip flopping and positions that switch one day to the next, bad judgement on libya, iraq, syria, ukraine, maybe there is more to the brain damage claims than just the blood clots, falling down, weakness, seizures, violent and demeaning outbursts toward subordinates and security personnel, double vision and other mental issues that are probably more than just thyroid related.

It leaves us with a corrupt, lying, unhealthy, brain damaged seventy year old with poor judgment. Trump looks strong and stable by comparison as he calls for social justice, equality and a keener eye toward tackling religious based hatred and bigotry.

I wonder if the Democrats have a back up plan? It's so late in the election, the democratic party will have to float someone that voters like and are familiar with in the next few weeks, otherwise they give it to Trump when Clinton has to resign. Bernie would be a good choice. Hopefully the DNC leadership comes to their senses and have Hillary resign for the good of the party and get Bernie back on the campaign trail soon.

Bob said...

The MSM is full of stories that Trump's campaign is tanking in the polls. So what's the worry?

Tom Hickey said...

At this point, HRC has the blue states and Trump the red states. That won't change. The purple states are in play and HRC is beating Trump there in polling. That can and will change to some degree, with either HRC widening the margin or Trump closing it.

Trump is now gaining a bit in the prediction markets but that is to be expected since the odds on Clinton were off the charts. But Clinton is still way ahead of Trump in the betting.

Malmo's Ghost said...

Nationally it's a statistical dead heat (which means Trump is ahead). Given Trump has spent little in ad money, that has to have Clinton's head spinning with fear too. Still, this whole thing will come down to the debates. The issues will roll over the personality thing at that point. But Trump clearly has her on the issues and she knows it--and the crowds coming to see Trump stump, which are ten times Clinton's know it too. Landslide for Trump in Nov.

Gary Hart said...

I am beginning to suspect that Hillary won't debate Trump because of her medical condition. I don't listen to conservative news but they have a big thing going about Hillary' condition and they may be right about it.