Sunday, August 14, 2016

Gary Null Interviews Micheal Hudson

This is probably the most important post I have put out here. I have just listened to this Gary Null interview with Micheal Hudson and it is quite disturbing. It's about Hilary and how she might start WW3 if she gets elected. What gets me is how there isn't more dissent in the Western media although Peter Hitchens is warning his readers at the Daily Mail, but what is the UK Guardian doing, a paper of the left, but is it?

Julian Assange is at great risk which Gary Null describes in a very scary audio montage he has put together. And Micheal Hudson warns about a McCarthyism clampdown if the war starts heating up, where himself, Chris Hedges, and the rest alternative media might get closed down, or worse, which might even include us here, and then there will be no more truth, just propaganda.

Julian Assange has ruined his life but I guess he feels that he might as well just carry on now, and besides, he might be able to turn things around and save himself and everyone else while he's at it by exposing Western lies.

There's a good audio clip of Tony Benn warning about the weaponization of the Middle East saying it could lead to terrorists getting the weapons but he says it is all just about profit.

I try to wonder what the ruling class get out of it, they're rich enough so what do they want? James Corbett says it's power. But from what I've read it is also to do with power over us because by having a common enemy they can whip us into line. It's so easy for them to get the patriots going who will hound the dissenters out. The patriots are just cannon fodder easily controlled by the elite.

It's sad because it could be so good. The technology is fabulous, and the threat of global warming is diminishing now we have the new LED technology and new cold fusion devices ready for the market.

Lets hope it all works out somehow? Jeremy Corbyn position looks stronger than ever and some politicians in Europe are dissenting  saying that their countries should leave NATO and form closer ties to Russia.


Bob said...

I suppose Assange is safe as long as he remains in the Ecuadoran embassy.

Tom Hickey said...

I suppose Assange is safe as long as he remains in the Ecuadoran embassy.

Yes, he is stuck between a rock and hard place.

Kaivey said...

I wouldn't feel very safe if I was him. The US is trying to topple Latin American states it doesn't like.

Gary Hart said...

One thing I agree with Paul Craig Roberts on is that Michael Hudson is the best economist there is, bar none.

Bob said...

This interview with John Michael Greer provides another perspective: