Saturday, August 6, 2016

Gustav Wynn — MEDIA MANIPULATION: DNC leaks reveal NY Times, MSNBC helped sabotage Sanders

Looks like the Democratic Establishment may be even more corrupt than previously thought.

MEDIA MANIPULATION: DNC leaks reveal NY Times, MSNBC helped sabotage Sanders
Gustav Wynn

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Did Bernie get the message?

I Support Hillary Clinton. So Should Everyone Who Voted for Me.
Bernie Sanders


Ryan Harris said...

I know I'm looking forward to the next 8 years of Hillar-ious drama. It won't be as exciting as Trumps in the House, but almost certainly Bill will be caught philandering and in a handful of corruption scandals that will set off the Republican party and cause people to evaluate the role of first man.

Tom Hickey said...

Premature to write Trump off. The campaign does not begin in earnest until after the conventions. Most people don’t start paying attention before this point and this is not even the point that most people are really interested in politics. It's August - vacation time.

The polling now means very little (Nate Silver). Convention bounces are often unstable and don't indicate as much as the hype.

Some commentators have noted that the no-Trump cohort has already shot off its biggest guns. Trump hasn't yet really begun to go after Hillary. The Khan affair is about Trump's base, which loves it. Trump is still priming the base. — Trump’s Campaign Focused On Attracting Unlikely Voters, A Memo Shows

Ryan Harris said...

Kocherlakota linked to this earlier.

Pretty good journalism for the MSM at least. Relevant to understand the groundswell for Bernie and Trump, I think.

Malmo's Ghost said...

Convention bounce for Hillary fading fast:

I don't think she had a bounce in the first place. Media is corrupt beyond belief.

Seve141 said...

Once again, never, ever, bet on anything that can talk.

Trump deserves to win, if for no other reason than poetic justice.

Bob said...

This does not matter, for Bernie was hell bent on sabotaging himself.

Bob said...

Trotskyists weigh in on Bernie's "Dear John" letter:

I was going to add that the WSWS had no horse in this race, but they do. They have candidates running for Prez and Vice Prez under the Socialist Equality Party.