Monday, August 22, 2016

Jeff Spross — Hillary Clinton's economic dream team

Includes Stephanie Kelton and Pavlina Tcherneva.

The Week
Hillary Clinton's economic dream team
Jeff Spross
ht Warren Mosler at The Center of the Universe


Michael Norman said...

Hahahaaha. Mosler. Like Clinton's gonna pick them. And, boy, Stephanie Kelton really did a lot for Sanders. He was the same neoliberal as the rest. Maybe a touch softer. That's about it.

Broll The American said...

What's your beef with Mosler? I've noticed you going at him a lot. I thought you guys were more or less on the same page.

katie said...

What Broll said, but would only add: Witnessing personal tiffs on blogs doesn't seem the best way to promote a blog.

I come here for the links.

Mike needs to sit and do some introspection.

Detroit Dan said...

I love these recommendations. Unfortunately, they aren't likely to be taken seriously at first. CLinton's transition team seems to lead more toward conventional lobbyist types.