Thursday, August 11, 2016

Jerry Lobdill: When the next crash comes do you want Hillary in charge?

Jerry Lobdill is an environmental activist and a physicist. He has also studied monetary systems since 1968. He is reading Micheal Hudson's book, Killing The Host which I read as well a few weeks back. He is going to vote for Jill Stein. He wrote this article for op Ed News.

The largest heist in history, committed by the US government in cooperation with the Fed, for the benefit of the Wall Street gang was a perfect caper for the use of unaccountable money. Until Michael Hudson published Killing the Host outsiders could only make feasibility arguments. Now, we have the detailed steps and timeline for the official response to the crash of 2008 laid out for us (Chapter 14). It works like the old shell game writ large.

The banksters knew what was going to happen. Their scheme for trapping the 99% in debt that obviously and intentionally could not be repaid was a Ponzi scheme. But Wall Street was in control of the US Treasury and the President. They planned in advance how they were going to deal with the inevitable crash when it came. When it did come their concerted response was as swift and smooth as the performance of a symphony orchestra. There was no element of surprise in their response. Every contingency had its planned response, and it all went off like clockwork except for a few honest officials who tried to stop it but were unsuccessful and lost their jobs as a result. Sheila Bair of the FDIC comes easily to mind.

Here is a list of some individuals who were conspirators and/or knowing enablers in this crime, the largest of its kind ever committed:

Roger Altman
Ben Bernanke
Lloyd Blankfein
Tom Bliley
George W.Bush
James Cayne
Bill Clinton
Stanley Fischer
Richard S. Fudd
Timothy Geithner
Phil Gramm
Alan Greenspan
Marisa Lago
Jim Leach
Jack Lew
Peter Orzag
Vikram Pandit
Henry Paulson
Robert Rubin
Allan Schwartz
Nathan Sheets
Larry Summers

These names are all published in Chapter 14 of Killing the Host. You will need to get the book to understand how these people participated in or enabled this heist. Also implicated was the Democratic Party. 


Gary Hart said...

Put "Killing the Host" together with "Guilt by Association" and you will have a better understanding of what is going on than the rest of the 99% of this country. The 1% know. By the way, I think that "The Bubble and Beyond" should be read with "Killing the Host."

Kaivey said...
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Kaivey said...

I've read all of them. I ought to re-read Guilt by Association and do some research with it. Is quite a complex book.

Gary Hart said...

Jeff Gates was supposed to have a new book out by the election but it isn't out yet. I hope that he sticks by his promise.