Thursday, August 11, 2016

John Pilger: The Drum Beat Has Begun

John Pilger provides an outside perspective on U.S. politics.

David Swanson interviews John Pilger:


Bob said...

Good interview.

Kaivey said...

It certainly is. David Swanson is going to get a peace movement going. Let's hope it gets huge. It's interesting and disturbing when you can spot Western propaganda and see what they can get away with. I wonder how they would counter the peace movement.

As Pilger says, imagine if what is happening in the US was happening in Russia? Imagine how G.W. Bush stole an election by banning thousands of black people from voting in marginal states, and then further rigging it with some crooked judges? Imagine the fixed DNC election against a soft left rival? And Imagine, I might add, if the police in Russia were shooting thousands of innocent people? Our media would be having a field day.

Bob said...

I'm as guilty as anyone for not paying attention to what is happening in other countries. I'm as apathetic and cynical as they come. As Orwell warned: ignorance is strength.

The peace movement in the US is simply ignored. One reason for this is America's volunteer military. The situation was different during the Vietnam War due to the draft. Another reason is the widespread perception that the USA is god's gift to humanity.

A hot war with Russia would put an end to these delusions very quickly.