Friday, August 19, 2016

John Richard Cookson — 5 Ways the GOP Can Win Votes—No Candidates Necessary!

Behavioral psych, specifically psychological priming. Of course, it applies to the Dems, too, but some of these tactics are particularly suitable for the GOP.

What is particularly interesting is the way it shows how humans are may have less freedom of choice than they suppose and that persuasion techniques are powerful, as Scott Adams has been saying all along.

The National Interest
5 Ways the GOP Can Win Votes—No Candidates Necessary!
John Richard Cookson


Ryan Harris said...

Jamie Galbraith's take on the breakdown of the old left-right divide.

Bob said...

Jamie Galbraith would find some answers if he read some of Bill Mitchell's blog posts. So long as the Left capitulates on economic policy, they have nothing to contribute.

DiEM25 is a vehicle where alternative policies can be developed, but it is tied to the success or failure of the EUropean project. Better hope they have lifeboats.

The Right will break up the EU or the Fascist Right will save it.

Bob said...

No amount of "priming" would get Canadians to vote for either Trump or Clinton. I'm not denying the effect of marketing, but there are limits to persuasion when the only candidates are a crook and a clown.