Sunday, August 7, 2016

Moon of Alabama — Aleppo (Again) Turns Into Focal Point Of The War On Syria

The whole attack on Aleppo was planned since at least April. U.S. Secretary of State Kerry prevented Russian reactions against the preparations and build up by holding out a possible cessation of hostilities and a political solution of the conflict. At the same time the U.S. and its allies delivered new weapons and equipment to al-Qaeda in Syria and its aligned forces. Videos from the Jihadi front lines show every fighter in well kept uniforms and armored vests with plenty of weapons and ammunition available.
The current attack on Aleppo is only one part of a larger U.S. plan to bring Syria (as well as Russia and Iran) to its knees. We do not yet know all the plan's phases, parameters and aims. We also do not know the responses the other side has prepared to counter them. All observers (including me) should keep that in mind when judging the day-to-day changes of the situation.
The main message here is that the US betrayed Russian trust in the recent negotiations, by rearming its jihadi allies and then launching a pre-planned attack when Russia rejected an American offer for US-Russian cooperation but under US command.

I would say that this is the final straw that ends Russian attempts to deal with the US in good faith. Chief Ayatollah of Iran came t the same conclusion. It the same conclusion that the Native Americans came to:  "The Great White Father in Washington speaks with forked tongue."

However the battle of Aleppo turns out, it looks to me like US-Russian relations are permanently soured and now it will be a struggle until one side gains victory in the global struggle with the US pressing to extend global hegemony and the multi-polarists resisting it.

It is clear that no matter what is said or done, the US will not settle for anything less than the removal of Assad and that his is a part of an offensive against Iran and Russia, and China, too. Russia and China are preparing for attack by the US and the US is preparing a three-front offensive against Russia and China from the east, west and south.

One could argue that this would change if Trump wins the elections. But I doubt very much that Russia believes that one man would be able to sway a deep state with a fixed purpose that extends from Truman to the present.

Moon of Alabama
Aleppo (Again) Turns Into Focal Point Of The War On Syria

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I rarely if ever watch US TV news (or any other TV news for that matter). I find that print news saves to time as there are no distractions of visuals. So I saw a report by Richard Engel about Aleppo: the report could have easily been signed with the disclaimer: this report was brought to you by ISIS and Al-Qa`idah in Syria. Unbelievable cheerleading for Jihadi groups. Worse: he even aired most footage from Al-Qa`idah: was there not an American law against promoting the propaganda of Al-Qa`idah or has the US government forgiven the terrorists of Sep. 11? I really believe that the Obama administration has relaxed US laws against Al-Qa`idah to use their services in the Syria war. Worse: Engel aired footage of Jihadis helping civilians cross the street. I kid you not. This is what passes as news in the US these days?
The Angry Arab News Service
Richard Engels on NBC News
Assad AbuKhalil | professor of political science at California State University

I have never seen such cheerleading for terrorism as I have been seeing from DC think tanks as of late--brought to you by oil and gas money

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Bob said...

This is still a proxy war. It isn't clear what the US interest here is, but to draw the Russians into another quagmire. Before the more overt Russian involvement, Washington seemed content to allow the civil war to drag on indefinitely. Has this changed?

What would change the calculation is if Russia acts decisively to crush the opposition. An imminent defeat of the rebels would force Washington to escalate their involvement or accept that the war was lost.

As to the 'purpose' of the deep state to impose world hegemony, what will it take to convince them that they cannot prevail? A military analysis of the US versus Russia and China should provide a straightforward conclusion that such an act is folly. The deep state must be staffed by morons.

We live in a multi-polar world. Deal with it.