Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Moon of Alabama — How Not To Run An Anti-Trump Campaign

The whole U.S. political and media establishment is right now running a full fledged anti-Trump campaign. The points this drive brings up are minor issue, rumors or outright lies.
It is premature to run such a campaign now. One can not tell the same story over and over again for nearly a 100 days. People will either get tired of it or will endorse Trump as the poor small boy that everyone is bullying and beating up.
The establishments of both parties, or the bipartisan establishment, is now desperate to stop Trump. President Obama has declared Trump unit for the office of the presidency, and rumors are echoing through the echo chamber that Trump will withdraw to save face. Clueless.

Moreover, the people dissing Trump both in the US and abroad should recall that his first operational principle is to get even. They may as well retire to Borneo if Trump wins.

(Same with Jeffrey Corbyn in the UK.)

Moon of Alabama
How Not To Run An Anti-Trump Campaign


Malmo's Ghost said...

Good post, Tom.

I sincerely believe Trump is the only viable change agent. Doesn't mean he isn't a wild card in the negative sense. But it's worth the gamble to see him succeed. And I really do like his position regarding Putin and Russia. And let's face it, Trump is probably a lot more liberal on balance than Hillary, media whores and Establishment hacks notwithstanding.

Matt Franko said...

If you are Moon over Alabama you HAVE to be pro Trump....

Bill said...

It is Trump's penchant for getting even and his disdain for "losers" (mainly the 99%) that is getting him mired in this mess. Not that his opposition is doing a great job.

Tom Hickey said...

Betting is heavily favoring HRC.