Thursday, August 4, 2016

Peter Lavelle — The big picture – why Russians like Vladimir Putin

The Western "liberal" view is not shared by most Russians, who are "conservative" in the sense of traditional. Putin is providing just the kind leadership they expect of a national leader.

The Duran
Peter Lavelle: The big picture – why Russians like Vladimir Putin


Kaivey said...

I saw a Pussy Riot video where they went into a supermarket one of them got a chicken out of its plastic wrapper and started masturbating with it. There were children watching. In another video they had an orgy in a museum in front of people. They got away with it, but imagine that in the UK, they would have gone to prison, especially with the crime of letting children see the sexual abuse, as it would have been called. Our newspapers would have splashed it all over the front pages about how degenerate Pussy Riot were. Far more outrageous than the Sex Pistols ever were.

Pussy Riot were just used as propaganda to smear Putin. Putin said he cannot override the jurisdictional process, but he asked for leniency as they were just young. The man behind Pussy Riot was a Jewish anarchist who never protests in Israel, despite the terrible oppression of the Palestinians.

Tom Hickey said...

Right. Recently "an artist's free expression" was "suppressed" in Russia when he was arrested for setting fire to the door of a government building as "performance art."

The Western media needs to get a grip. I doubt anyone reading about the "outrage" would have been outraged. In the US, that artist would have been arrested for terrorism.