Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Rusvesna — Glazyev: Ukraine under US Occupation, Gov't not legit

Sergey Glazyev is an advisor to President Putin, co-founder of the Rodina Party, and a former member of the State Duma. Glazyev is also on the Supervisory Board of Katehon Think Tank, alongside Alexander Dugin. Katehon exclusively employs the Fort Russ team for line and copy-editing for their English language portal, and consulting on matters of US internal political culture

Advisor to President Vladimir Putin, the academic Sergey Glazyev gives an exclusive interview to the website "Rusvesna" Dear Sergey, what economic measures can be used by Russia to force Ukraine and the world to reject military adventures against Donetsk, Lugansk and Crimea?

- First you need to call a spade a spade: in Ukraine there is no legitimate authority; its territory is occupied by the United States; neo-Nazis were appointed by them to commit crimes against humanity, genocide against the Russian people. Then they proceed against the people of Ukraine with war crimes and political repression: we must create an international tribunal to investigate the crimes committed by the Nazis, who so far are without punishment.

We have to convince the international community that they are dealing with an attempt to restore a Nazi regime in the Ukraine, whose leaders declared themselves successors of Nazi collaborators.…

Fort Russ
Glazyev: Ukraine under US Occupation, Gov't not legit
Translated by: J. Flores 

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Kaivey said...

There must be an foreign mainstream media in the world that could print this? This is why my friends don't believe me, there's is no counter argument in the mainstream, anywhere. They don't use the internet, like me. They are political and on the liberal left, but they get their news from the Guardian and the BBC.

Believe it or not, I used to be a Guardian reader and a big follower of BBC, Radio 4. I used to think that the BBC was left wing. In fact it did have some good documentaries. I will try to find the one on asbestos. I might put it out here.

When a country, or a person, becomes so rich, they can then get to rule the world because of corruption. Their money can buy anyone. Then they become the self perpetuating super rich, and as they become more wealthy they can buy more control, and so the viscous circle increases. In this way, organised crime also gains control.

The only way out is democratic government and high taxes on the mega rich. The libertarians don't get this, or that their movement is funded by the mega rich to counter democracy, i.e, people's freedom from tyranny and rule by the One Percent.