Saturday, August 20, 2016

Silvia Vittoria Missotti — Turkish Stream Gambit

On August 9th, there was a meeting between the Presidents of Russia and Turkey. In general, for the package of proposals for a new Russian-Turkish rapprochement, the important part is played by the energy projects. Some experts in Russia believe that those are actually the main reason of the unexpected reconciliation with Ankara, and perhaps the only one. They expressed with confidence that, after a first conflict because of the Russian bomber shot down by the Turkish Air Force, a telephone conversation between the two Presidents established a meeting at a time when Erdogan was prepared to make concessions in the energy project.
The failed coup attempt in Turkey and the instant support of President Putin to the Turkish counterpart contributed to outline the warming relations. As a result, as some Russian experts who shared this opinion believe, the meeting on August 9th in Saint Petersburg was really a strategic victory for Russia.…
Fort Russ
Turkish Stream Gambit: Putin lays the pipe on Erdogan
L´Opinione Pubblica (Italy) - By Silvia Vittoria Missotti

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