Saturday, August 20, 2016

SouthFront — SDF Spokesman Confirms The Group Does Nothing Without ‘Signals’ From The United States

Revealing testimony from the spokesperson for the Kurdish fighters (SDF/YPG) that the US is not only supporting the group but also controlling it.
“It’s forbidden to negotiate with the Russians because we seek for an alliance with the United States. It’s impossible to communicate with any other party and to not lose the credibility of the international coalition. Of course, we are free, but we can not attack if there is not signal from the Americans.”
“We will not unite with the Syrian army against ISIS because our forces operate only with the forces of the international coalition led by the United States. We are partners of the United States and the coalition. They make decisions. There can’t be a coordination between the Russians and us. Because first of all we have a strategic partnership with the international coalition led by the United States.”
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Bob said...

A pawn in a larger game? It does hint that a deal has been worked out between Kurdish aspirations and US malfeasance.