Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Empire Files : Interview with Rafael Correa | President of Ecuador

This is even better than the other Abby Martin video I put out today. Rafael Correa, president of Ecuador, says everything I believe in. He is very diplomatic and is polite about Obama and Hilary, but he says that Trump is so crude that he will strengthen progressive movements in Latin America.

Published on 29 Jul 2016
Abby Martin sits down with the President of Ecuador to talk about different issues impacting the country and region. One of the more important questions Abby has for the president is finding out how he feels about devastating damage that oil giant Chevron caused in the Amazon rainforest. The president also talks about how tax havens are affecting developing economies and, how giving me the environment legal rights is very important. 

Rafael Correa talks about how Ecuador won't deal with companies that hide their profits in tax havens, and how Ecuador has given the environment legal rights. The land is Ecuador's wealth and so they want to look after it and stop large companies from stripping and destroying it. Rafael Correa talks about Ecuador's on going legal battles with oil companies which have wrecked the environment, deliberately flooding it with oil to make even more profits.  . 

Rafael Correa says that only through the state can the will of the people be heard. Collectively people have a voice, but with no state there is anarchy where the One Percent and bandits can rule unimpeded. They will then bring in the large corporations to ruin the environment, strip it, and run off to do the same thing somewhere else leaving the local people very poor. 

Neoliberalism is organised crime run by criminals and people without morals who view the environment only as a place to make themselves extremely rich indeed. F*ck everyone else!
I really liked Rafael Correa. He says his governmnet is honest and cannot be corrupted by the One Percent, and those that were taking bribes, the judges, police chiefs, politicians, and army generals, have been removed. 

The One percent, Wall Street, and the City of London are so rich they can bribe anyone in the world. They can bribe whole countries because they can create money and have access to $billions. They have become the self perpetuating rich where as they become even more rich they can bribe more people and countries and then become even more obscenely rich, and so on. 

This is libertarianism is a movement that the One percent have paid for. They want no rules set by any government so they can do as they please destroying the environment, or exploiting its people. 


Matt Franko said...

"will strengthen progressive movements in Latin America."

Which would mean even more qualified people would get the hell out and the hell holes would get even worse....

Kaivey said...

No, things are much better for ordinary people in leftist countries, except when the US applies sanctions and the markets turn against because they can't loot anymore.

For instance, Cuba's poverty was caused by the US sanctions, but if the US just left leftist along they would slowly become more capitalist and more market oriented. They would become centre, moderate countries, but their governments were always that anyway.

But the US doesn't want strong countries with effective capitalism, because it is imperialist and wants subjection, access to cheap raw materials, and low cost labour. In this way, the US has robbed country after country, and millions have just their lives because of the wars the US has started.

At the beginning of the Cuban revolution Castro's government was centrist and had conservatives in it, but the US drove Cuba away towards Russia because of its crippling sanctions.

The US pretends to be capitalist but it isn't. In the US thousands of small businesses have gone bankrupt while the One Percent raid the Federal Reserve. The US ruling elite use markets to drive people's wages and conditions into the ground causing widespread poverty. This all gives capitalism a bad name.

The US is now becoming aggressive towards China and Russia because they are becoming stronger countries with effective capitalism.

Rather than compete in the open market, the US prefers war and subjugation. The US promotes a fake capitalism. They will use capitalism only when they win, but fair competition they don't want. They don't like the market.

Matt Franko said...

How is Cubas poverty caused by the US? We don't even have relations with that nation.... Cuba can have whatever economic policy they want to have...

What do you mean by " sanctions"? No trade? So what...

So you are saying that because the US will not trade with Cuba, then that creates poverty in Cuba?


How does one nation ignoring another nation then "cause" something in the ignored nation?

Explain Venezuela then...