Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The White Helmets | The Greatest SCANDAL to hit Syria

Published on 29 Apr 2016

The White Helmets, PROVEN to be created and funded by the US/UK to justify their wars on the glorious Syrian people... We helped our friends from Hands Off Syria and Activist/Writer Vanessa Beeley put together this video to expose the White Helmets.


Tom Hickey said...

"White hats," I mean "White Helmets" is a propaganda tell. It's so crude it's amazing that anyone falls for it. But look at the success of advertising and marketing in putting lipstick on pigs.

Kaivey said...

I've liked at a number of these videos now. I guess all empires are like this. To tear up the Middle East, to destroy Latin America replacing its democracies with despotic dictatorships. To threaten both China and Russia. How do they away with it?

Most people aren't suspicious. Even though a lot of them are poor in the West, they go about their daily business harming no one. The reason they're poor, they believe, is just their bad luck, that they are not bright enough. They blame themselves, not the system.

My girlfriend had no interest in politics, when I tell her stuff it goes in one ear and out the other. She thinks that I'm just a bit of a conspiracy theorist. A bit mad.

I met some old friends recently, when I told one of them what I knew he said:

Hahaha - your so funny! You'll be telling me next that the world is round and not flat and that Donald Trump isnt really Vladimir Putin in drag! Haha Whatever next? Dont tell me - Mulder isnt really working for the FBI investigating X-Files - its just science fiction and he's some 2nd rate actor playing a role! hehe - now if you think I'd believe that you really would think I've lost it. I'm not that stupid! :-) Anyway I'm off for a pint now so have a good evening and send my regards to Alice. Take care now

Gary Hart said...

Things I thought to be conspiracy theories just a couple of years ago I now know to be true. The thing is that I wouldn't have listened to my present self back then and so I know how other people feel about listening to me now. In this world it pays to keep an open mind. I hope that made sense.

Kaivey said...

It does. Thank you.

Bob said...

People believe they have no power to affect politics.