Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Vladimir Putin comments on provocation in Crimea - Minsk negotiations now pointless

Vladimir Putin: 
"This is very disturbing. Our security services have prevented penetration of sabotage-reconnaissance group of the Ukraine Ministry of Defense into Crimea. Of course, such actions mean that continuing talks in Normandy format is pointless, especially when it comes to the next meeting in China.

Because, apparently, the people who [violently] seized power in Kiev and continue to usurp it, don’t want negotiations. [snip] Now, instead of looking for ways to settle the conflict peacefully, they decided to try terrorism.In this regard, I can’t avoid mentioning that we view the recent assassination attempt targeting the head of the Lugansk People's Republic as an [act of terror], same as the current attempt to sneak saboteurs into the territory of Crimea.
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André said...

They seize a sovereign territory of another country and suddenly they are the victims? There is something wrong here...

MRW said...

They seize a sovereign territory of another country and suddenly they are the victims?

No, they didn't "seize a sovereign territory." You've been duped just like 99% of all Americans into believing this tripe. The Ukrainian Constitution gave Crimeans the legal and constitutional right to determine their own future, and whether they wanted to be a part of Ukraine or Russia, the determination to be made by referendum. The Ukrainian government wrote this in 1992. Not Russia.

Crimea did not exercise that legal and constitutional right until March 2014. Putin subsequently met with the Duma in an all-night meeting to vote on the matter after Crimea had already voted to become a part of Russia.

Only Reuters and USA Today reported this accurately at the time--and it was only the day after the vote--and then it was dropped from all US and British news accounts when Obama claimed that Putin "invaded" Crimea, and used it as justification to impose sanctions. Those sanctions brought Russia and China together and started China on its path to become the reserve currency by 2030.

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Ignacio said...

Most Crimeans (like, a brutal total majority) wanted to be part of Russia.

Get out with the Killary-Obomber agenda please.

André said...

Russian forces seized Crimea on 28 February 2014. The referendum was on March 12. Isn't that odd?

Postkey said...

'In the documentary, Putin said he had ordered special forces, marines and paratroopers to be deployed “under the guise of reinforcing our military facilities in Crimea.” Putin said that Russia did not violate any treaties because it was allowed under its long-standing agreement with Ukraine to station up to 20,000 soldiers on its Crimean military bases, and that number was never breached. “ . . .

“So he openly admits to the lies and deceit... 
no, he doesn' fact this article is misleading, but when you read it attentively you'll see that it is another journalistic trick - Putin said that after Yanukovych had fled he (Putin) ordered to make a plan to be ready to return Crimea to Russia IN CASE Crimeans would ask for that (for rejoining with Russia) at the referendum....but look how it is spinned in the article, read attentively :: "The planning for the seizure of the peninsula began after an all-night meeting that began when Yanukovych fled his presidential residence on the outskirts of Kiev, Putin said. Russia had previously said that it annexed Crimea because the peninsula’s population demanded it after alleged threats to Russians in Ukraine."- you see the author pretends that "planing for the seizure" and the fact that those plans were enforced only because of positive for Russia referendum vote is something of contradiction, while it is NOT....Any General Staff should have various optional plans for ANY developments of events in critical situation - Putin ordered exactly that - to have plans of actions in case Crimeans would vote to join Russia - so there is no any contradiction and no any lies in his words, yet this article has spinned it in such a way that it indeed looks like Putin did lie at first, but then admitted to his lies and deceit - it was NOT so...shameful western propaganda trick...'

André said...

Agreed that the media like to mislead things depending on their interest. I have no critics about that.

But what happened in Crimea is no small deal. Nations do not invade other nations like that. It was an extremely agressive move that could have led to war if ukranian authorities were not already busy facing a civil war.

This blog also likes to distort things, as if Russia was a paradise an USA the incarnation of evil.

Tom Hickey said...

This blog also likes to distort things, as if Russia was a paradise an USA the incarnation of evil.

The posts here that contradicts US media propaganda are designed to present an alternative view along with evidence.

For example, regarding Ukraine, the US propaganda line about a Russian "invasion" of Crimea begins with the so-called "invasion" (Russia had 25,000 troops stationed there already by treaty and Ukraine had only 20,000,, half of which defected). The story begins much earlier with the coup effected using Wester funding (cumulatively 5B) and neo-Nazis (pictures of neo-Nazis posing with US dignitaries like John McCain post-coup are available for the skeptical). The evidence is in for those who care to read about it, and much of it has been cited here at MNE.

The fact is the the Ukrainian constitutions gives Crimea the right to secede on the basis of a popular vote, while the coup was the overthrow of a democratically elected government that was quickly endorsed as legitimate by the US.

In our view the distortion is on the part of the Western governments and their compliant media.

The same goes for Georgia and the Russian annexation of South Ossetia. Similar playbook.

It's not like color revolutions are anything new in US foreign policy. It's less expensive and less messy that the use of military as in Iraq, or even proxy wars as in Syria now. Using jihadis as proxies goes back to Afghanistan, which arguably started this whole mess with jihadis. And the US is still using them while denying it, although the denial is not plausible other than for the gullible.

MRW said...


But what happened in Crimea is no small deal. Nations do not invade other nations like that.

Complete bullshit. See my previous post.