Friday, August 5, 2016

What do Russians think about Putin?

My friends think Putin is an evil oligarch, a gangster who gets his rival shot, a ruthless authoritarian who they see like a secret KGB agent as depicted in James Bond films, etc. I told them to stop reading the Guardian or listening to the BBC and get some proper news from the alternative media. I told them that they had been fed propaganda but they remained scared of Putin just the same. I couldn't convince them because after years of being brainwashed it's hard for them to change, or see a different point of view. But what do Russians think? Okay, anyone could make a video like this by just editing which video shots to put out, but I liked it just the same.

The Russian people here seem happy and look not much different to Americans, or the British, and yet within a few years we may all be gone if Clinton get in (or Trump, for that matter). Shot in Moscow where the middle class are said to be not so happy with Putin. I put this out in response to the excellent Tom Hickey post: Peter Lavelle — The big picture – why Russians like Vladimir Putin

April 2016 - What do Russians think about Putin?
Western media probably didn't get the memo.
Graham Phillips asks Russians on Red Square what they think about Putin. Graham ran into a slight language barrier - instead of asking for "your" name, he asked for "the" name, creating a tiny bit of confusion!

An admiring Putin fan put this video montage together.


Matt Franko said...

No term limits over there I guess?

Gary Hart said...

I wish we had a leader like Putin.

Kaivey said...

I really like the guy, he is not bellicose or aggressive, he is polite and to the point, he is softly spoken, and he is tough but never harsh. Our politicians are diabolical compared: loud mouthed, vain, greedy, selfish, ego maniacs, narcissistic lying cheats. Only Obama sounds sophisticated, but he's a complete phoney, and a war hawk.

Bob said...

Putin is no Justin Trudeau ;)